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To enter a new toy sales network
"Mobile phone, clothes, MP3, digital camera, adorable furry doll, books and playing themselves. The virtual network game, can clean out treasure to low purchase, through online varieties, low price, only a few mouse clicks, a few days I can get what I want." The positive YuXiaoJie buys advocates say their wondrously withconsummate of e-commerce. Actually, in our country, such as YuXiaoJie buys a gens, and this number is along with the development of network technology and improvement of people's living standard, is jumping.
In the search product "please do not contain illegal characters in parameters to inject"?
In the Internet browser, choose "tool" Internet options "in the" normal ", click "delete selected card of Cookies" button.
You have a lot of commodity prices were low, is your production?
Yes, most commodities for my company production, processing, so to ensure absolute advantage in price. In addition, many commodities prices high and low, is actually a company profits have different views on the cause, the company has always insisted on the policy of small profits and quick turnover, customer expectations, benefiting in long-term cooperation with you.
I have an order, but I ordered something, leakage still want to add some things, what should I do?
In order to 24 hours after contact with customer service, change orders.
I think the agency for your products. Can you give me a more detailed explanation of it?
Our company mainly to online agent, relevant agent has a column is introduced. The web site. You can see the join closely cooperate, if there is a section of the business, can not understand customer consultation to specific problems.
I want to buy bulk samples, can free?
Whether retail, wholesale or large order, we all customers alike. The company shall not provide free samples, if you really need to purchase price according to the sample for wholesale price (samples), batch purchase * 2 sample return after the price difference. The postage.
You can QianQi batch, how much do you have? Is that of a breed?
We now have more than 100 varieties, can mix batch, each style of specific requirements, since can see specific instructions. For example, some small toy bag, so is twenty styles, you must order the twenty, big toy, each design requirements, three up 200 batch.
Product quality assurance? And pictures are different?
Quality is the life and live, not businesses will not guarantee the quality development space, no hands. We should eliminate every month for new products, a portion of the goods, we also put quality first. Of course, any company that he could not guarantee all the goods may not distribute the quality problem of the product quality problem, all in accordance with relevant formalities, can return (artificial factors except), specific provisions refer to return. To ensure the products and images show images are consistent, website to product photography, brightness, colour and lustre slightly different products.
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